African Violet – Repotting Offsets

Q: My African violet has produced another stem from the main stem and the new “baby” is blooming! Can I divide them?

A: It’s not terribly unusual for a mature African violet to make a “baby” sprouting from the main stem. Use a razor to carefully cut the younger plant away from its origin. The leafless stem on the cut-away should be two inches long. If it is shorter, use the razor to slice off a few of the lower leaves.

Immediately plant the stem into a 4″ pot filled with seed-starting soil. Just a little bit of the stem should be visible at the soil surface, with the rest underground. Add water and firm the soil around the stem. Invert a gallon-size resealable plastic bag and slide it over the crown of leaves and the pot. By doing so, you’re making a high humidity environment so the leaves don’t need much water from the stem.

Place the pot and bag in a sunny window. You should quickly see condensation inside the bag. For the next 6 weeks, add water as needed to keep the soil moist but not soggy.

Watch the center of the leaf crown for new growth. When seen, the plant has produced new roots and the bag can be removed.

Voila – another plant that is identical to the parent!

African violet

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