Amur Maple – Seed information

Q: I purchased and planted in Fall 03 a good sized Red Rhapsody Amur Maple. It was about 7 ft tall and 5 ft round and in 20 gal? I think can. My question is regarding the small seed wings(fruit?) that appeared on the plant this growing season. There were none on the plant last year when I purchased it.

Should I expect this every year?

The fruit is not attractive and hangs securely all season sort of like a
Red Bud tree.

Love the tree but not these hangers on.

A: Hmmmm…. you’re going to have to make a hard descision. The seed, technically called samara, are a
fact of life on Amur maple. I don’t think of them as unattractive. The super red color on the tree in fall
may make up for the seed in your mind.

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