Angel’s Tumpet – Poisonous at School?

Q: A parent at my school is concerned that the Angel’s Trumpet planted in the school’s front yard is very dangerous. They couldn’t believe we had it near children. Should she really be worried? Should the plant be removed?

A: In my opinion, the plant is not worrisome. Many common landscaping plants, including azalea, oleander and holly, have poisonous parts. The key is to put the plants where kids won’t be tempted to eat the seed or chew on the leaves.

Angel’s Trumpet has wonderful blooms but its leaves, flowers and seeds are considered poisonous. However, even when ingested, the plant is toxic only in large amounts, just as with tomato and potato plants which are in the same family as Angel’s Trumpet. I believe that as long as your students do not eat the plant, it can be safely grown at a school.

For more information, see the North Carolina Cooperative Extension’s Angel Trumpet fact page.

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