Asiatic Jasmine

Q: A few years ago a landscape architect used Asiatic jasmine as a ground cover around our pool. Now it has literally taken over everything. Weed killer doesn’t seem to affect it. Any tips on controlling it?

A: Asiatic jasmine (Trachelospermum asiaticum) is kin to the sweet-smelling Confederate jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) vine. It is extremely fast-growing in sub-tropical climates like Valdosta. We are fortunate that Atlanta winters keep it in check or it would be pestiferous here as well. It can be as invasive as wintercreeper euonymus, vinca vine and English ivy.

Since the vine roots at just about every node, you must be sure to cover every leaf with herbicide. I recommend glyphosate (Roundup Pro(tm)) for your situation. This particular product has a surfactant which helps the herbicidal chemical spread and stick to leaf surfaces. I believe the product is safe to use on the jasmine around your pool but do not spray it on a windy day when drift might occur. Death of the jasmine won’t be quick – it may take two weeks to see any effect. Repeat the spray in four weeks to catch any plant parts that escape the first application.

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