Aucuba shrubs – Mosquitoes

Q: I have heard that aucuba shrubs attract mosquitos. Is this true?

A: Mosquito specialist Elmer Gray is also known as Elmer the Entomologist to Clarke county school children. He says mosquito resting places vary between seasons and among species but there are some generalities about mosquito behavior. First, the Asian Tiger mosquito loves English ivy, which provides thick, low cover. Consequently, they like to bite your ankles and legs. The tiger mosquito seems to be most numerous in the lower lying areas of a community. These areas are the most humid and support the densest vegetation. Aucuba has dense evergreen growth and it grows in shade so it might be a good place for some of the bloodsuckers to rest during the day. Short, thick undergrowth is good for mosquitoes. However, nothing takes the place of eliminating standing water to control mosquitoes.

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