Bromeliad – Separating Pup

Q: Two months ago I bought a large bromeliad with a spectacular pink flower. The plant has flourished; the flower has become a giant.

Now it has a so-called “pup” at the base. I have been told that the pup will eventually kill my beautiful bromeliad. How can I prevent this from happening?

A: The pup doesn’t kill the mother plant – it is simply an attempt by the bromeliad to reproduce itself before dying, which will naturally occur after flowering.

You can separate the pup now or wait several months until the original plant looks too bad to keep around.

Use a serrated kitchen knife to cut the pup loose from the bigger plant. It may not have many roots but push the base into a pot of moist potting soil and place it in a bright window.

It will grow roots as it establishes and will eventually bloom like its mother.

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