Brown Turkey Fig – How And When To Transplant?

Q: I have a young Brown Turkey fig that I planted in the wrong place and
would like to move. Can you tell me when and how I should move this plant?

A: Wait until all the leaves have fallen off. Dig a foot-deep trench around the
roots, two feet out from the main stem. Push a flat shovel underneath the roots
from all directions. Consider washing soil from the roots with a hose. This
will make them easier to find and gently pull out of the ground. Continue until
you can grab the main stem and pull the root mass out of the ground
completely. Don’t worry if there’s not much soil around the roots. You want
to have as many roots as possible to come with the plant. Lug it over to the
new spot and plant at the same height as it was originally. The transplanting
should be completely successful and you’ll have figs next year.

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