Camellia – Planting Seed

Q: I have two camellias that have been in my family for over 60 years. One of them has always produced an occasional fruit. This year there is a large crop of 10 or more.

I remember asking my mother about planting them or the seeds inside and she told me it was a waste of time. Can they be used to grow new plants?

A: Indeed you can plant them, preferably in fall. The seed will lose viability if you hold them until next spring. Choose a sunny spot having loose, sandy soil and plant the brown seeds an inch deep.

Mark the spot carefully so you don’t disturb it next spring. You will see thin, leafless sprouts in May. Leaves will appear in June.

Do not disturb the seedlings until next fall, when they can be transplanted into a larger spot to grow to the size you need for your landscape.

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