Can I Plant A Pluerry, Cherry And Peach Trees In Georgia

black cherry

Q: I recently moved from Iowa. I want to plant a standard pluerry tree, a semi-dwarf pomegranate, plus semi-dwarf cherries and peaches. 

A: It is certainly possible to have a garden full of fruit trees and vines in Georgia but I am not sure your choice of fruits will succeed here. In particular, cherries don’t do well here due to the fluctuations of winter temperatures. I would not attempt to grow them. It is possible that a pluerry (plum-cherry hybrid) could succeed but I have no experience with it and it may fall prey to the same problems as cherry. Note that pluerry needs a pollenizing tree nearby. You can be successful with peaches, but be aware that you must have a plan for spraying them to prevent disease and insects. You can use organic or inorganic sprays but something must be used or you will not succeed. My website,, has individual pages devoted to the fruits that do well in Georgia, including fig, muscadine, blueberry, apple, and others.

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