Chinese Chestnut – Growing

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Q: There is a tree up the street that these spiky things came from. What is the name of the tree, and how can I plant one from these acorns?

A: They are Chinese chestnut burs. Each one contains 1 – 3 large brown seeds. The nutmeat in each seed is edible once the hard brown skin is removed by roasting and peeling.

Local nurseries may not carry them but you can easily find the plants online. Plant them in full sun and apply mulch in a wide band around the tree.

If you’d like to plant them from seed, the nuts will need to be stored in a resealable plastic bag in your refrigerator crisper drawer for 60 – 90 days. Inspect them every couple of weeks and remove any that look spoiled.

Plant when roots appear. Cover the area with chicken wire to deter squirrels.

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Chinese chestnut 2

Chinese chestnut 1

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