Chipmunks Chewed Through Drip Irrigation System

Q: Chipmunks have chewed their way through my drip irrigation system. Is there anything that can be done? 

A: This is a common problem. In my case, chipmunks or squirrels have three times chewed through a plastic water supply line that goes to my large fountain. They did a huge amount of damage to my garden water hose last year. There is no smell or taste repellent that could be permanently applied to plastic water lines to deter these creatures. I covered my exposed fountain supply line with wire mesh, which has worked fine so far. You could cut long 3” wide strips of wire mesh to cover your tubing and emitters, I suppose, but it would be a huge amount of work. You should also work to minimize the chipmunk population on your property. Take down your birdfeeders in summer and consider installing a tall pole with a horizontal roost on top that hawks could use as a perch.

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