Christmas Tree – Insects Crawling from It

Q: We have bugs coming from our Christmas tree. They crawl onto floor and then die. Any way to stop them from coming out of the tree? 

A: They are probably aphids. Christmas tree growers do a great job controlling tree insects in summer but they don’t apply insecticides close to harvest time. Instead, they vigorously shake each tree before shipping to retailers. Cut-your-own farms shake trees after purchase.

But a long, warm fall can allow aphids to place egg masses on a tree and shaking may not dislodge them. When the tree comes into your home, aphids hatch and crawl onto the floor.

The same situation can occur with praying mantis youngsters.

In either case, do not spray the tree with insecticide. You will endanger your family and pets.

The best option is to check around the tree each day and vacuum up the crawlers.

praying mantis 3

praying mantis 1


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