Confederate Rose – Can I Break up the Rootball To Replant?

Q: We have a Confederate rose that we planted years ago in the corner of a raised brick planter. It is now huge. I would like to remove it, but it’s so large I will have to break up the rootball to get it out to replant. 

A: Confederate rose grows so vigorously that it can recover from almost any damage. Most of the top limbs are dead from freezing weather so you can cut it down to two feet in height now. I am concerned that the roots have invaded the bricks in the planter and will damage it severely when the plant is pulled up. Get an inexpensive carpenter’s saw and saw between the bricks and the root ball, severing any connection between plant and planter. You can then dig out the roots with a shovel. Even if the root mass breaks apart you can replant any piece that retains a few roots. It will likely sprout into a new plant when spring arrives.

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