Crapemyrtle Pruned – How Did He Do?

Q: I bought a house last summer that has three well established crapemyrtle trees behind the pool. When we first looked at the house, the plants were already cut back all the way to the knots.

I pruned mine over the weekend. Attached are pictures of the end result but I’m not sure it this is best or not.

The trees are as large as I would like to have by the pool and in the summer they were beautiful.

A: If I were asked to judge, I’d say you left too many small twigs at the top of the crapemyrtles.

Right now it looks a bit *brushy* to me. I think you could remove a third of the ones remaining and have a better looking plant during winter plus well-spaced and prolific blooms for summer.

Pruning Crapemyrtles Correctly

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