Crapemyrtle – To Prune, Or Not To Prune

Q: I planted ten Acoma crapemyrtle sprouts four years ago. I’m not sure how they should be pruned or if they should be pruned at all.

A: ‘Acoma’ crapemyrtle is a small-statured, white-blooming crapemyrtle. It grows to approximately ten feet tall, in contrast to the thirty-foot tall, white-flowered ‘Natchez’ variety. I know they don’t have distinct forms now but they should grow into a nice tree-form in a couple more years. To promote growth, fertilize with a controlled-release landscape fertilizer (Osmocote, Dynamite, etc) in early April, following label directions. I don’t think you need to prune. It will grow fine until it gets to the ten foot level.

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