Crapemyrtle – Cut To The Ground

Q: What the chances are of a very big crepe myrtle coming back from being cut completely down by a tree company? The instructions were to prune it back but now it’s completely gone except the flat surface of the trunk even with the ground.

A: My guess is that there was a mis-communication. “Cut back that tree.” could be interpreted different ways in different languages. But I have good news! Unless the crew put herbicides on the stump, your crapemyrtle is coming back with a vengeance! You’ll see lots of sprouts from the stump next spring. Chose three of the most vertical ones and cut the others to the ground. Continue to nurture the three you’ve selected and cut back the others for a couple of years. The new trunks will grow rapidly taller and you’ll have a good-looking plant in short order.

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