Crapemyrtle – Evergreen

Q: Do you know where I can buy an evergreen crepe myrtle in the Atlanta area?

A: The crapemyrtles we grow in the upper South are deciduous: they lose their leaves every year. Southern crapemyrtles are typically Lagerstromea indica and Lagerstromes faurii hybrids, which have been interbred to get the many sizes and colors we enjoy.

But further afield there exists Lagerstromea speciosa, known as queen crape myrtle, giant crape myrtle, or banabá. It originates in India and can be grown in any similar climate: perhaps southern Florida, southern California and Hawaii, but not here.

It has colorful flowers and striking white bark. If you’re looking for beauty plus screening, any good independent garden center can give you several other options.

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