Crinum Plants- When/How Do I Dig Them To Donate To A Habitat House

Q: I have fifteen crinum plants with beautiful foliage but few blooms because they get little sunshine. I really don’t have much sun at all. When and how do I dig them to donate to a Habitat house? 

A: I love the idea of donating the flowers to a Habitat for Humanity household. The residents will have a beautiful landscape as well as a nice house. You can leave the bulbs in the ground until winter cold kills the leaves. Then dig them up and store them in a box filled with crumpled newspaper in a cool dark place. If I were in your situation, I’d put a couple of the bulbs in a pot that could be moved to find patches of sunshine in summer. I think a 14″ plastic pot would be big enough for the big bulb and roots and light enough for you to handle.

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