Curry Leaf Plant – Propagation

Q: I wanted to find out how best to propagate the Curry Leaf plant? I have several of them and I get requests for them often enough that I have only my big older ones left.

If I can propagate them easily, then I should be able to cultivate enough to give to my friends who request it.

A: According to a good friend of mine who is an excellent cook and gardener–It is easy to grow Murraya Koenigii plants from seeds. Seeds mature during autumn. When you see a few purple seeds pick them up along with other green seeds. Remove the green peel (covering the seed ) gently by scoring outer cover. Plant the seed ( which is without outer cover ) in potting soil mixed with river sand and maintain the temperature about 80-90 degree F.

An additional way to propagate is to detach any suckers at the base of the plant, and replant them.

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