Dogwood – Moving Large One

Q: I plan to transplant a six-foot tall dogwood from one part of my yard to the other. I know it is a little on the large size to be transplanting, so I want to be sure I give it the TLC necessary to ensure survival.

A: The key is to get as many roots as possible, not worrying so much about the soil around the roots. Soak the soil thoroughly a day before digging. Use a spading fork to identify roots without cutting them. Pull and preserve as many as you can on the tree as you hoist it out of the ground. Take your time and don’t rush. Be sure to have the new planting area prepared beforehand so the tree roots don’t dry out before arriving at their new home. Pay particular attention to watering from June to October. The tree will need at least fifteen gallons of water each week to keep the root area moist.

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