Elm – Drooping Limbs

Q: I planted a Princeton Elm about 3 years ago and the upright vase shape has been lovely. Now the elm seems to have had a growth spurt and added several feet to the limbs. A recent downpour has made it droop several limbs–no splitting or breakage, just VERY drooping.

My husband tells me that “It’s supposed to do this and it will recover.” However, I have my doubts.

A: By now I bet some of the limbs have straightened up and some have drooped further due to even more recent rain.

I think you should consider shortening the droopiest limbs to remove weight. You could also tie them upright to the main trunk using strips of cloth.

With time the vertical limbs will become stiffer and better able to hold themselves upright without drooping.

elm Princeton droopy 2

elm Princeton droopy 1

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