English Ivy – Rooting

Groundcover in shade

Q:We have two large oak tree stumps in our front yard as a result of recent storms. We would like to plant ivy around them to cover. Can ivy be rooted from clippings?

A: It’s a simple task to root English ivy cuttings, assuming you or a neighbor has a patch that needs thinning. Clip several foot-long sections of vine. Scissor off leaves from the bottom half of each section. Jab a shovel into the ground and wiggle it slightly to make a slit eight inches long. Remove the shovel and insert as much of the leafless end of an ivy cutting as will fit. Make sure the leafy part is pointing toward the stump. Fill the slit with dirt.

Repeat until you are tired. Water the cuttings every few days until they begin to make a bit of growth at the tip. Fertilize a couple of times in summer and the stumps will be covered by next fall.

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