Fig Root – Transferring From Pot To Ground

Q: I have a fig that is three years old in a large pot. I want to plant it into the ground. But the main root of the plant has gone through the bottom of the pot and into the earth.

A: You’ll want to salvage as much of the fig root from under the pot as possible. Tip it up a bit and stick a hose underneath. Let water trickle into the soil beneath the pot for several hours until it’s soggy. Then you can use a shovel to go around the pot and dig out the root system in the softened soil.

When all of this is done you may still not be able to pull the root through the hole in the pot. You’ll have to choose whether to cut into the bottom of the pot, if it is plastic, or shatter it if it is clay. Plant the fig where it can grow at least 10 feet wide and in as much sun as possible.

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