Flowery Branch – History

When I remarked on the beautiful name of a local town, a caller promised to send me its history.

Here it is!


Flowery Branch

Chartered in 1874, this little town is one of the oldest in Hall County. It was first called Anaguluskee, a Cherokee Indian word meaning “flowers on the branch.”

Its railroad tracks are a landmark, and the circa 1900 train depot has recently been moved. Local residents plan to restore it as a town center.

In 1980, Flowery Branch had 755 residents. Twenty years later, the city’s population has exploded to more than 1,600 as residents have flocked to South Hall County.


Shannon Pable adds:

The first house was built around 1875 (conflicting reports for date on various websites) about 1 mile from the stream from which the name of the town was derived.  Flowery Branch had been called Nattagasska by the Cherokee Indians, and it means “blossom creek”, in reference to the floral beauty along its banks. This info is from  http://www.kenkrakow.com/gpn/georgia_place-names.htm

This is the city’s site. They speak mainly of the town being a cotton hub.  However, their city symbol is a dogwood blossom.


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