Geese – Control in Lawn

Q: I have a small pond in my backyard. Geese have taken up residence and are making a mess of our lawn. Any ideas on how to get rid of them?

A: Geese molt in late summer so they can’t fly now. Large numbers of them congregate near water and their droppings make a tremendous mess.

One of the best ways to move them away from your property is to spray methyl anthranilate (Goose Chase, etc) or anthraquinone (Flight Control) goose repellents on the grass. Geese absolutely hate the taste of these two chemicals but the are harmless to birds or grass.

You could try stringing fish line one foot high on a 10 foot grid crisscrossing the yard.

Consider building a 3 foot high chicken wire fence at the water’s edge to keep them from walking out of the pond into your lawn.

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