Hand Cream – For Gardeners’ Dry Skin

Q: A while back I heard an advertisement for a hand cream for gardeners with dry skin. Do you know its name?

A: I’ve used Udder Butter before with good results. It was invented to heal skin cracks in cow udders but it works very well on dry human hands. I’ve seen similar products (Bag Balm, Anti-Monkey Butt Cream, etc.) on display beside the cashier at hardware stores.

Marty K. adds:

I wanted to mention that I have for years used Crabtree & Evelyn’s Gardner’s Hand Therapy (I don’t care for the scent but it’s not feminine so men would probably appreciate it too, and it does a wonderful job of making your hands feel great when they’re dry. Sold in Crabtree & Evelyn stores and other retail outlets as well who carry the Crabtree & Evelyn products.

And at WalMart Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Concentrated Therapy is an excellent product for seriously chapped dry hands.

Both of the products I’ve mentioned are concentrates in tubes rather than being thin creams and they’re really good for your hands.

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