Hosta – Care After Hail

Q: Most of my hostas were beaten down by the hailstorm two weeks ago. Afterwards, I wasn’t sure what to do. Should I cut them back or just leave them alone?

A: My hosta, banana and lamb’s ear plants were shredded by the cascading balls of ice. Plant leaves can be damaged by many things, not just hail. No matter what the cause of leaf damage, use scissors to cut off at the base any leaf stem that has less than half of a leaf attached to it. If more than half of a leaf is attached, leave it alone until you can see what happens in the next week. If it begins to dry up, remove it.

Due to the possibility of spreading disease, disinfect your pruners with alcohol between each cut.

I feel certain that new leaves will sprout from your hosta plant crowns. My banana, which last week looked more like a droopy, ribbon-bedecked palm than a broadleafed plant, is already producing new leaves.

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