Hosta – Deer Damage

Q: I have some gorgeous huge-leaved hostas in my front yard. This year, starting in mid May we noticed they were being destroyed.

Only the stalks remain in large areas. I do not remove the leaves – they must be consumed by the disease/insect/animal.

Any idea what the problem is and how to treat it?

A: You have a deer problem. Slugs and rabbits may enjoy a bite here and there but the leaf damage you see is classic deer browsing.

I wish I could tell you of a foolproof deer repellent but I can’t, other than an electric fence.

You can try animal repellents that contain putrescent egg solids or animal byproducts…. but nothing is guaranteed.

If you want to help other gardeners with deer problems, try baby formula repellent, as described in this site.

Repelling Deer With Baby Formula

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