How Invasive Is Climbing Hydrangeas?

Q: I want to plant climbing hydrangea but I am concerned about how invasive it is. How would you compare it to other vines? 

A: Climbing hydrangea, Hydrangea anomala ssp petiolaris, is not nearly as fast growing or invasive as kudzu. It will climb trees and walls but in a graceful manner. When it reaches the height you desire, pruning it is easy. In my experience it may take three to five years for it to bloom. It tolerates shade but it blooms best in sunshine. I observed one that grew shade for two years until it finally find a tree nearby and began to climb. When the top was out of the shade, the vine began blooming. Note that there are two vines called climbing hydrangea. The second one is woodvamp, Decumaria barbata, which is native to Georgia.

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