How To Grow Norfolk Island Pines?

Q: I love the way Norfolk Island Pines look! I bought a packet of seeds online. How do I plant and nurture them? 

A: Put a 3-inch layer of good-quality potting soil into a plastic tub. Arrange the seeds over the surface and lightly press each one into the soil without covering it. Mist the seeds and replace the tub lid. Put the container in a very warm spot in front of a window. It usually takes 10-15 days for the seeds to sprout. Mist them occasionally until you see green growth coming out of the seeds. Gradually expose them to a spot outdoors in bright shade. The trees will continue to grow. When they are 6 inches tall, you can transplant them into individual pots. A lot of folks keep Norfolk Island Pine outdoors in a pot and bring it inside in winter. Nighttime temperature is your guide for the move: You can take it out when night temperatures hit 50 in spring. When they head lower than 50, it’s time to bring it indoors to the brightest window in the house.

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