Identification – Red Spider Lily

Q: I live in the Candler Park neighborhood, and for several years now, this time of the year, I get red flowers sprouting up several feet apart on my lawn (which is mostly weeds). There are more each year.

I wonder what it is. The stem is about a foot long, solid (not hollow), with no apparent leaves at all. At the top of the stem, seven green spokes fan out in a circular pattern, and each has one or more frilly pinkish-red leaves, about two inches long, plus about seven long, upwardly-curled fringes, each of which is probably four to five inches long, and some of which appear to have a bit of pollen on the ends (maybe they all do at one point, and some have just fallen off before I brought it in the house). The whole flower therefore measures around six inches across. It’s really quite exotic-looking, and I don’t know if it will keep spreading, and whether they pose a threat to my lovely lawn of weeds. Can you tell me what these are?

A: Sure sounds like red spider lily.

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