Iguana – Droppings in Pool

Q: For the past six months poop like this has been in our South Florida pool. It’s very skinny, probably 1/4″ wide. Everyone said it was raccoon but it just doesn’t look like any raccoon feces pictures I have seen. We have never seen a raccoon. We believe it’s coming from the trees hanging over the pool. Dave B.

A: This doesn’t look like raccoon droppings to me. Maybe a bird? Probably need to trim the tree above.

Followup: I just pulled another skinny little piece out and it has a white tip on the end. I mashed it up and found grass and little seeds. My neighbors say this indicates an iguana. And we HAVE seen one in the tree! I’m becoming a scat expert!

IMG_4207 2

iguana feces bobcatiguana bobcat

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