Illegal Tree Removal – DeKalb County

Q: We have recently had an instance of a tree company clear-cutting a big lot in my neighborhood because the owner “didn’t know” there were rules about how many tree can be removed from a residential lot.  What are the regulations in DeKalb county?

A: Every metro county has an arborist, usually part of the Planning and Zoning Department, whose responsibility it is to approve permits for tree removal. They go by rules passed by the local county commission, which are put in place to protect property values and the local green environment.

The rules specify how many and what size trees can be removed in a year

Unfortunately, some homeowners are not aware of the laws…and some tree companies “forget” the laws when they are offered the chance at a large job.

I don’t know the rules in all counties but in DeKalb County, these are the rules for homeowner tree removal.

Call the county arborist if you think illegal tree removal is going on.

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