Insecticides- Plant base

Q: Are there any systemic fungicides that could be used like a systemic insecticide by pouring around the base of a plant?

A: There are indeed systemic fungicides but their use is not as simple as with systemic insecticides. Since the chemicals in products often change, you’ll need to read the active ingredient label to find the chemicals I mention. Myclobutanil, tebuconazole, propiconazole, thiophthanate-methyl and triadimefon are systemic fungicides available to homeowners in various products. Some are designed to be sprayed on foliage and some are drenches. Chlorothalonil and copper ammonium complex are contact fungicides. The shortcoming of systemic fungicides is that fungi build up resistance to them more readily than with contact fungicides. Practically speaking, it is cheaper and more environmentally sound to choose disease-resistant plants and manage them properly than it is to count on systemic fungicides to protect them.

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