Internet Sites for Gardeners

Q: Do you use the Internet to look up answers to questions in this column? If so, what are some of your favorite sites?

A: I use the Internet constantly to find information. For instance, last week a question regarding planaria was published.

I recently needed information on Easter lilies. The Factsheet Database hosted by Ohio State University found a publication from Texas A & M University that contained just what I was looking for.

Here are some more of my favorite information sites on the Web:

PestWeb has links to hundreds of Web sites that describe the identification and control of pests.

The Insect Identification Laboratory at Virginia Tech has a wonderful site that contains numerous color slides of insect pests which affect ornamentals.

PlantFacts provides hundreds of landscape factsheets from throughout the country.

GardenWeb supplies an excellent listing of links to gardening sites from all over the world.

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