Is A Vitamix FoodCycler a Safe Form Of Compost

compost bin

Q: My husband wants to buy a Vitamix FoodCycler to compost kitchen
scraps. I want to be assured that this form of composting is safe.

A: Fascinating! As I understand it, the machine grinds food scraps into small
pieces and then dehydrates them. Hot air from inside the machine is directed
through carbon filters, which absorb odors. In a technical sense, the machine
doesn’t actually compost the food scraps. Composting means breaking food
scraps down into nutrients that plants can absorb immediately. But that
doesn’t mean you can’t take the output of the food cycler and mix it into the
soil outdoors, where it will compost naturally. I don’t think I would use the
output for your indoor plants, particularly if you put meat or milk or egg into
it. I see no dangers associated with the machine or its output.

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