Juniper – Growing From Cuttings

Q: I have several Blue Rug junipers I planted on a slope twenty years ago. They are now forty feet in diameter. I want to root a couple of hundred runners off of these plants and transplant them to another piece of property. How should this be done?

A: Rooting juniper cuttings is eminently possible but it will take longer than you think. I estimate it will take two years to grow plantable shrubs from cuttings. If you need hundreds of rooted plants, consider buying rooted cuttings, called liners, from a wholesale nursery. You can get juniper plants for less than a dollar by buying wholesale. Contact the Georgia Green Industry Association  and ask for a list of members who sell liners.

Consider attending their WinterGreen trade event in January to meet growers on the spot.

Lakeview Nursery Liners

juniper berries

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