Kirlow Indigo Indigofera kirilowii – Identification

I heard a radio caller wanting to know about propagating her Kirlow Indigo,Indigofera kirilowii.

We grew this at Barnsley Gardens many years ago, and propagated and sold it in the plant shop there. I have one planted at my mail box that just started blooming this week, and will continue to bloom on and off all summer. It makes a wonderful mound, and spreads, somewhat slowly, by spreading roots.

At Barnsley we had it in several different settings, from the back of flowering borders to rock gardens. I’m quite sure you could easily dig up the babies spreading from the original plant and move them. I have attached a couple of pictures of my plant; one a close up of some of the “babies” that haven’t been mowed down yet. Definitely a plant worth considering for its easy to grow and low maintenance habits.

Good gardening!
Susan M.

indigofera kirilowii

indigofera spreading

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