Kudzu- Slow Control With Glyphosate

Q: We are building a new home. Right now the area that is to become the front yard is a thriving “Hill-o-Kudzu”! Currently we are using Roundup on it. It seems to kill the kudzu back short term but new sprouts re-emerge. Is there a better way?

A: You just have to be patient. The chemical works by inhibiting an enzyme. This leads to slow depletion of amino acids that are necessary for plant growth.

In my experience, it takes a few days to see any damage. Further, glyphosate may not move into the entire kudzu root system following a single spraying. That explains why new sprouts emerge. The vine is weakened but still has enough energy to try to recover.

In my opinion, glyphosate (click for sources) is by far the best chemical to use for homeowner kudzu control.

kudzu on house a 30k

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