Kudzu – Growing Indoors

Q: I live in Nevada and would like try growing kudzu as a indoor house plant. Do you know where I can purchase seeds? Margie R.

A: As we say in the South “Margie, Margie, Margie….are you tetched in the head?” But we also say “Here – hold my beer while I try this!

You obviously know that kudzu is invasive in the South. I don’t think it would survive a Nevada winter outdoors so raising the vine indoors is your only hope.

November is a good time to collect seeds so if you have any friends in GA, they could go collect some for you. Otherwise, I found seeds available on EBay.

The translation of the German ad text says:

Kudzu is a fast- ranker , which can be about 10-12 m tall / wide. He is very robust and hardy to about -10 ° C , can be planted all year , if the rootstock is protected from frost by mulching greater . The magnificent inflorescences are about 20cm long , stand up and smell strongly of vanilla .
Straightforward in attitude , ideal as a container plant . Throughout the year suitable for outdoor applications in a protected location .

Avoid waterlogging .
Raising from seed is easy and available all year round for beginners.
Fresh seeds germinate according to experience and the young plants thrive just fine.
A growing instructions will be provided via email.
You are bidding on 5 piece seeds  .
Lots of fun !

kudzu beans


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