Lake and Pond Management

Q: I am on a three acre lake in Roswell. A developer put in a road on the other side of the lake and in so doing, he in filled along about 400 feet of the shoreline. Fill is red clay and is to a depth of 8 to 10 feet. This was done two years ago.

A number of the home owners on the lake use the water for irrigation. Since the fill was put along the bank, the water has been staining our patios, houses and plants (actually kills the lamb’s ear and some flowers).

I am guessing that the stain is coming from the fill – maybe iron in the red clay? I have heard that we might be able to treat the lake to precipitate the staining agent.

A: I’m not an expert on this but here are some folks who are:

Check this list of pond consultants.

The Georgia DNR keeps a list as well:  Pond Management Information

Aquatic Environmental Services manages many lakes.

Derry Stockbridge has been in the lake management business for several years. He now restores lakes with

Other resources include Rich Carter at Pondscapes Atlanta or Cla Allgood at Allgood Outdoors.

Weed Control in Ponds

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