Ligustrum (Privet) – Leaf Spot

Q: I have a hedge of two year old wax leaf privet in front of my house. It appears they have some sort of fungus or disease. The house faces due east, therefore receives about half a day’s worth of direct sunlight. Is there anything that I can apply to the hedge to bring it back to good health?

A: You have an excellent example of cercospora leaf spot on ligustrum (privet). This fungus attacks leaves that stay wet for long periods. My bet is that the spotty sunshine is not enough to dry the leaves quickly nor enough to help the privet fight the disease on its own.

As the shrubs fgrow older they will likely grow stronger and better able to ward off the disease. In the meantime, a fungicide like myclobutanil (Immunox) will protect undamaged leaves.

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