Limbs – Decomposing Quickly

Q: I recently had trees removed from my property. The tree service couldn’t get the limbs out so they piled them in a big stack. How can I make the debris decompose more quickly?

A: You may think the pile is an eyesore but the wildlife in your yard think it’s heaven! Chipmunks, box turtles, rabbits, lizards, toads and snakes will make it into their favorite habitat. Birds will harvest small twigs to build nests. If it is too unattractive to keep for the animals, get a couple of teenagers to climb the pile and jump up and down on it to make it more compact. Build a temporary fire pit and host a neighborhood weiner/marshmallow roast nearby! Spreading a pint or two of lawn fertilizer on top might speed decomposition but I’m not sure you’d see much difference between this and an untreated pile.

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