Liriope – Propagation

Q: Can I propagate liriope from the fruit it produces ?

A: Propagating liriope from seed is slow but it can be done.

Soak the berries in warm water overnight then rub them in your hands to expel the seeds inside. Pour off the skins and debris and allow the seed to dry on a paper towel. Its size depending on how many seed you have, fill a shallow container with good quality potting soil that is moist but not soggy. Place seed an inch apart and cover with 1/2″ of soil. Spray water on the soil surface until it is slightly soggy.

Cover the container with kitchen plastic so it does not dry out. Place it on top of your refrigerator (or another warm indoor spot) for six weeks.

Germination should occur by that time; you’ll have around 60% success.

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