Maple Tree – Leaves Are Drooping

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Q: My school class grew maple seedlings that we picked up under a maple tree growing nearby. Mine was growing great until I left it with my mother while I was out of town. I think she gave it too much water. Its leaves are drooping and it has lost a few. How can I revive it? 

A: Teach your mother that she (and all of us) have a digital moisture tester that is always available and easy to use. Your index finger works great to determine if a plant needs water. Just push it a little way into the soil under a plant then inspect the fingertip. If it is damp the plant has enough water. If it is dry, the plant needs watering. If your seedling still has leaves, just put it in a sunny window and use your digit to test the soil every few days. With any luck, the tree roots will not suffer from a one-time drowning and you will have a nice maple tree to eventually plant outdoors.

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