Marlberry (Ardisia) – Growing

Ardisia japonica 'Chiramen'

Q: I am trying to find a local source for Chirimen Marlberry to use as a ground cover. I found two at a nursery several months ago but cannot find any more Any ideas?

A: I haven’t grown marlberry but Erica Glasener says: They grow Ardisia japonica ‘Hinode’ as a groundcover at ABG and it appears very happy in the shady woodland. The species with the red berries that grows in Florida, Ardisia crenata is listed as invasive there.

Shannon Pable says: I have Ardisia japonica ‘Chiramen’. It’s been a great little evergreen groundcover for shade. It likes moisture so I put it at the base of my fountain under the light shade of a crape myrtle. Very slow grower…this mound was a 1 gallon plant (about 6″ wide) when first planted 3 or 4yrs ago. In the last couple of years it’s sent out stolons and produced these other clumps. I do absolutely nothing to this plant…and it looks great all year round. Have not had any seedlings from berries pop up…all are from stolons.

For local sources, check out Pike Nursery, Scottsdale Farms Nursery in Alpharetta (770-777-5875), Randy’s Perennials in Lawrenceville (770 – 822-0676), John Deere Landscapes (multiple Atlanta locations), Autumn Hill Nursery in Woodstock ( 770-442-3901), Ashe-Simpson Nursery in Chamblee (770 – 458-3224), Habersham Gardens in Atlanta (404-873-2484), Nearly Native Nursery in Fayetteville (770-460-6284), Pinebush Nursery (706-789-2344) in Ila, Walker Nursery (770-471-6011) in Jonesboro, Wilkerson Mill Gardens (770-463-2400) in Palmetto, Cofer’s Home & Garden (706-353-1519) in Athens, Buck Jones in Grayson (770-963-8227), The Family Tree in Snellville, Lost Mountain Nursery in Dallas ( or Hastings Garden Center in Atlanta (404.869.7447)

Ardisia japonica 'Chiramen'

Ardisia japonica 'Chiramen' (photo courtesy of Shannon Pable)

Ardisia japonica 'Hinode'

Ardisia japonica 'Hinode' (photo courtesy of Erica Glasener)

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