Muscadines – Planting/Propagating

Q: While jogging I came upon dozens of muscadines on the road. What I need to do to get vines from the seed?

A: Propagating muscadines from seed is a long, slow process. You can plant collected seed in loose soil in a sunny garden spot now but germination will be spotty. A better bet is to “soil layer” them. Bend individual vines down to the ground and dig a shallow trench where each one touches the soil. Scrape the limb lightly with a dull knife, dust the wound with rooting hormone (Rootone, etc) and cover the trench and limb section with soil. Put a brick on top to hold it in place. Approximately six inches of the branch tip and leaves should be exposed. Next February, clip the connection to the mother plant and leave the cutting in place to grow a nice root system in summer. You can transplant the new plants to other spots in fall.

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