Eastern Redcedar (red cedar) – Transplanting

Q: I have a cedar tree that is six feet tall and I want to move it to a different location. How can I move it successfully and when is a good time to move it?

A: Eastern redcedar, Juniperus virginiana, is a great native tree. The berries are loved by birds and the foliage makes an excellent place for them to nest. They grow all over the Southeast.

Their toughness results from a wiry, spreading root system that can anchor and find sustenance in most environments. Because the roots spread so widely, big trees are difficult to transplant successfully. In my experience, redcedar trees from six inches to six feet high are the best candidates for moving.

Late fall through early spring provides the best transplanting weather. As long as you attempt to get most of the root system, typical digging and planting techniques will yield success.

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