Small Indoor Tree Recommendations

Small indoor tree that does not need much light

Q: I am looking for a small tree I can plant in a pot to place in my living room which doesn’t get much light. I’ve tried the ficus tree, but haven’t had much luck with that. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

A: Try a parlor palm, Chamaedora elegans. I have also had good luck in low light with peace lily Spathyphylum species, cast iron plant, Aspidistra elatior, pothos, Epipremnum aureum, and snake plant species. Whichever plant you choose, water only when the soil becomes dry to the touch and fertilize it once per year. Don’t become sentimentally attached to any plant in low light. They will eventually turn yellow and fade away. Then you get to choose a replacement that looks great, at least for a while.

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