Pet Droppings – Composting

Q: Is there anything I can do with dog poop? My Dad told me NOT to put it in my compost, but I have heard other opinions.

A: Your Dad was right. Because dogs have lived with humans for thousands of years, they and their masters can catch similar diseases (zoonoses) or parasites. Dog excrement can transmit diseases, so it should be disposed of in a sanitary manner.

My preference is double-bagging it and placing in the garbage.

I have seen advertisements for a dog poop digester, basically a plastic tub buried in the ground.

You can read more here.

Dr Larry West from UGA says “I have no idea if this product will work, but my best guess if that it will not. Manure typically does not liquefy as they claim, unless their enzyme is really a magic potion.

“I suspect the manure will only accumulate in the container until it fills, especially since it is covered to keep out rain and the manure will be dry. There are no regulations that I know of that would limit use of a system like this. There might by some discussions among the neighbors if the smell got too bad.”

Q: What about cat litter in a compost pile?

A: Same answer. It’s a bad idea.

see No Feces in the Garden

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